" Time spent with cats is never wasted "   

Sigmund Freud

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My name is Sylvie, born in Lokeren, graduated in 1993 as a bachelor in office management and languages (dutch, english, spanish, french).. I have 20 years of work experience in the diamond sector of Anwerp. In 2014 I made the decision to make a career switch and to make my passion my profession: working with Cats!

Cats have always been very important in my life. As a child I was already busy taking care of our animals. I grew up with a Siamese, a Persian, a Chow Chow and a French Bulldog.

November 2014 I started a training at Kattentrimster Belle from Brasschaat. A fantastic training mentor I must say, who had her training as a cat groomer at the Martin Gaus Academy in Lelystad in the Netherlands.

April 2015 I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with mastergroomer Danelle German, founder of the famous  National Cat Groomers Institute of America, organized by Sonja Van Leeuwen from Katten Academie and Miranda Geerlings from 4Cats in collaboration with Martin Gaus Academy. Incredible experience where I learned a lot, not only during the workshop, but even now through the NCGIA online courses.

June 2016 I followed the course First Aid for Cats, taught by veterinarian Inge from veterinary Sine Cura in the school of Felinova, the only professional Cat Academy in Belgium, founded by Anneleen Bru!

September 2016 was therefore the start of my training to be the next  Felinova Cat Coach®, a unique degree that trains students to a thorough expertise in all aspects of the cat.

December 2016 starting  the Catsitter service at   your home!

Taking care of cats at home while the owners are traveling is such a nice job, it is just fantastic how much gratitude I get back from the cats, and some really love to play and cuddle!

March 2018 opening MEOWdeluxe Catsalon in Lokeren!

It is a small catsalon especially equipped for catgrooming. For combing, shaving, washing and drying (standing hair dryer and infrared cabin). Products for cats with skin/coat problems problems are all recommended by a vet-dermatologist. There is also a little cat shop with cat toys and many other cat articless, that are specifically coat- or behavioral-supportive!

June 2018 graduated as Felinova Cat Coach® and specializing in Senior cats!

After a 2 year study, I am very happy to have achieved this diploma and I look forward to coaching cats and cat owners to an even more happy life together!

Since October 2018 I am completely happy with my new temporary part-time job as a medical secretary at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Merelbeke) Department of Small Pets! Moreover, as a cat coach, I can also contribute to the working group that was specially set up to make the clinic more cat-friendly. Actually a bit of a dream come true and a nice combination of working with animals.

MEOWdeluxe greetings from Sylvie Aelvoet

Catgroomer - Felinova Cat Coach - Catsitter

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